Monday, January 4, 2010

Resolutions for 2010:

1) I will finally get my act together and formally change my name to married name on assorted paraphenalia. (After over a year). It is too confusing having a driver's licence in one name and a passport in another, an email addy in one name and the signanture block another. Also, the dual signatures are too hard! So the resolution: name commit!
2) Eat breakfast each day (am currently a shocker for just grabbing a coffee at work)
3) Cook dinner at least once a week (as spending far too much money eating out constantly... but so much nicer to have others cook for you!)
4) Start sewing more so that I can branch out from baby clothes into items for individuals old enough to complain if the seams are shite :)
5) Find a form of exercise that I like rather than view as a chore
6) Clean out my clothes. It is absurd to have too many to fit in a large chest of drawers. The Salvos will have a better use for them. Also, then I can shop!
7) Finally get act together and become properly qualified Girl Guide Leader, rather than futzing about and continuing to be an assistant.


That is a lot.

I suppose we shall see as of February if any have been achieved!

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