Monday, April 27, 2009

I wonder why they filed it there?

Perusing the shelves at Borders the other day, I noticed a couple of unusual choices in where books were stored. I happened upon the 'gender studies' shelves, and noticed that amongst your classic uni-class friendly tomes were two biographies/autobiographies I already owned.

One of them was The School of St Jude - which is about an Australian woman who has set up a school in Tanzania. Another one was The Hospital by the River, which is about two doctors, Catherine and Reg Hamlin, who established a fistula hospital in Ethiopia.

Now, yes, both of these books have strong women (a little religiously motivated for my taste, but hey, that's who they are)... but why on earth are their stories in 'gender studies'? Why not just in straight biographies? I didn't see any biographies that were exclusively of men in the gender studies area... Is it because these women were working in education and health? But why then not in the education or health areas?

Its a puzzle.

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